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The time has come.
Aliens came to destroy us and steal all our gold ! Why!?
Discover it by saving all our gold using quick thinking and the arsenal of upgradeable weapons at your disposal.
Manage power consumption and build generators and solar aid to support all your fire! Beware commander, time is ticking!
They are coming, they are many, they want our gold!!!


Orion Attack is an epic Tower Defense Strategic Game about the imminent alien invasion featuring:

- Full 3D OpenGL 2 accelerated graphic with multitouch pan and zoom controls to view the action from your favorite angle.

- Meticulously crafted and polished gameplay.

- Challenging path-finding enemy AI.

- 9 weapon types with 3 or more upgrades each (Plasma Gun, Laser Cannon, Railgun,
  Mortar, Guided Missiles, AA Flakker, Tesla Shock, and FlameThrower), and an ultimate
  weapon: explosive barrels!!

- 2 block types and 2 energy production towers.

- 13 enemy types, ground, air, bosses

- 12+ maps in diverse apocalyptic environments (urban, desert and more!).

- Change game speed and control how waves are going to come: continuously
  or timed, anytime during the gameplay.

Orion Attack Online:

- GameCenter Social gaming, with challanges, hi-scores leaderboards and achievements.

- Share your scores or medals through Twitter, Facebook, or email with the power of iOS6.